25. Functions Of Political Parties Question Preview (ID: 50705)

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Groups are stronger than an individual
a) True
b) False

The two major political parties in the US are the democrats and the republicans.
a) True
b) False

politicians makes laws based on ______
a) their beliefs
b) their constituency's beliefs
c) the demands of the political party
d) astrology

Which of the following does is NOT a reason for a politician to align with political party
a) TV commercials are expensive
b) campaigns involve too much travel for one person
c) assistants are needed to manage a campaign
d) politicians want to be independent and not controlled by others

Where do most candidates get the money to pay for their campaigns?
a) low income families
b) wealthy parents
c) their own savings
d) political parties

if a politician takes money from a political party, then the politician is expected to vote the way the political party wants.
a) True
b) False

Which is not a job of a political party?
a) nominate and recruit candidates
b) educate the voters
c) help the candidates win
d) ensure a fair electoral process

What does a political party do after winning an election?
a) nominate and recruit candidates
b) educate the voters
c) monitor office holders
d) help the candidates win

What happens if a candidate does not follow the political parites orders?
a) the political party cannot do anything
b) the politicians is forced to switch parties
c) the political party takes away support (money), and helps another candidate in the next election
d) impeachment

Which is NOT an important part of getting into government?
a) political parties
b) money
c) likability
d) even more money

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