Słownictwo Związane Z Domem Question Preview (ID: 50700)

Meble Domowe.[print questions]

is used for sleeping
a) bed
b) bad
c) bath
d) both

used for storing clothes
a) sink
b) wardrobe
c) floor
d) pot

is used to hide dishes
a) box
b) bath
c) dresser
d) washing machine

is used for learning, reading, doing homework
a) chair
b) desk
c) bedside cabinet
d) dressing

is used for baking dough
a) oven
b) bucket
c) stool
d) wardrobe

is used for washing clothes
a) stove
b) sink
c) pot
d) washing machine

is used to improve the appearance by looking at it
a) countertop
b) mirror
c) wall
d) image

is used to illuminate the room
a) box
b) sink
c) lamp
d) mirror

is used for washing dishes
a) wardrobe
b) dishwasher
c) table
d) box

is used for watching movies
a) tv
b) radio
c) sink
d) bed

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