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How do people in Jonas's community handle the Stirrings?
a) They talk about it at the sharing of feelings.
b) They give counseling.
c) They suppress (destroy) it with pills.
d) They report it to the authorities.

Who is in Jonas's dream of his first Stirrings?
a) Asher
b) Larissa
c) Fiona
d) Helen

What feeling is characterized the Stirrings?
a) wanting
b) confusion
c) happiness
d) hatred

At what age does Dream-telling begin?
a) two
b) three
c) four
d) five

How did Roberto look as he walked through the door in the Releasing Room?
a) hopeful
b) sad
c) regretful
d) happy

Why does Jonas never compliment Benjamin?
a) He resents Benjamin's success.
b) He is too shy to do so.
c) He does not want to force Benjamin to brag.
d) He does not care about Benjamin.

At what age do children begin their volunteer hours?
a) Eight
b) Nine
c) Ten
d) Seven

Why did Jonas steal the apple?
a) He forgot it was in his pocket.
b) It changed somehow when he was looking at it.
c) He was hungry.
d) He wanted to disobey the rules.

Why does Mother not approve of Lily's desire to be a Birthmother?
a) That assignment has little honor.
b) Lily is clearly not meant for that assignment.
c) She wants Lily to become a Justice.
d) That assignment is boring.

What is Jonas's father's job?
a) Caretaker
b) Justice
c) Speaker
d) Nurturer

What is unusual about Jonas and Gabriel?
a) The color of their eyes
b) Their curly hair
c) The color of their skin
d) Their names

Why has the rule about bicycles not been changed?
a) Putting it through committee would take too long.
b) The community does not want to endanger young children.
c) No one rides bicycles anymore.
d) People enjoy breaking this particular rule.

How does Father break the rules with regard to newchild Thirty-six?
a) He takes the child home with him.
b) He gives the child extra care.
c) He looks up the child's name on the naming list.
d) He refuses to release the child.

How does one get a child for one's family unit?
a) Through natural means
b) By approval of one's application
c) Through an appeal to the elders
d) By assignment

What does Lily discuss at the daily ritual of feelings?
a) A newchild who is not doing well.
b) A boy who keeps falling off his bicycle.
c) An upsetting dream she had.
d) A visiting Seven who does not obey the rules.

When had Jonas last felt fear?
a) never
b) When Caleb fell into the river
c) At the Ceremony of Eleven
d) When a jet had flown over the community

When does the Giver begin?
a) In the new year
b) nearly december
c) in midsummer
d) at the ceremony

How does Jonas really feel at the beginning of the novel?
a) confident
b) apprehensive
c) fearful
d) annoyed

Why is Lily's comment about Jonas's and Gabriel's unusual trait insensitive?
a) She says it to hurt Jonas.
b) It is impolite to mention how people are different.
c) She is not supposed to make such comments in public.
d) The trait is a negative one.

How does Jonas feel about taking the pills?
a) Proud but regretful
b) Annoyed
c) Curious
d) Guilty

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