92. The Age Of Reptiles In Three Acts Question Preview (ID: 50693)

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In ancient times ____________were the largest forms of life on earth.
a) mammals
b) fish
c) reptiles
d) birds

Reptiles grew to immense sizes and dominated the earth.
a) True
b) False

The Mesozoic Era started about 252__________years ago.
a) hundred
b) thousand
c) million
d) billion

During the Mesozoic period the land masses were almost completely merged. This is called________________.
a) one world
b) continuous world
c) Pangea
d) Narnia

Scientists found that the __________ of the Archosaurs were much lighter than reptile ancestors.
a) bodies
b) skulls
c) teeth
d) stomachs

Early dinosaurs had many things in common such as a long neck, a__________tail and reptilian body.
a) long
b) short
c) armored
d) stubby

Around 201 million years ago Pangea began to ______________.
a) move south
b) move north
c) have massive tornadoes
d) break a part

The result of Pangea breaking apart caused the End-Triassic Mass Extinction.
a) True
b) False

After the Mesozoic Era came the Jurassic Era.
a) True
b) False

Many mammals ___________during this period.
a) became extinct
b) diversified
c) learned to swim

The third Era is called the Cretaceous Era.
a) True
b) False

During the Cretaceous Era; about 130 million years ago the first_____________________ occured on earth.
a) earthquakes
b) mountains
c) rivers
d) plants and flowers

Logs dated from 66 million years ago showed massive_______________ that lasted hundreds of thousands of years
a) rainstorms
b) droughts
c) volcanoes
d) flooding

Around 66 million years ago a giant asteroid hit the Gulf of Mexico that created an “impact winter” that starved all plant and plankton life.
a) True
b) False

These events brought forth the extinction of ___________percent of the world's species.
a) 100
b) 95
c) 75
d) 30

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