Grade 3 Lesson 2 - That's Not What I Meant Question Preview (ID: 50687)

Grade 3 Lesson 2 - That's Not What I Meant. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

That's not what I ______.
a) meant
b) spent
c) went
d) dent

A piece of cake. What does it mean?
a) I like cake.
b) It's easy.
c) I'm jealous.
d) I'm sick.

I'm under the weather. What does it mean?
a) I'm tired.
b) I'm jealous.
c) I'm sick.
d) It's raining.

Break a leg.
a) I hate you.
b) Good luck.
c) My leg hurts.
d) I love you.

_____ not what I meant.
a) What's
b) Why
c) That's
d) There's

That's not ____ I meant.
a) what
b) where
c) why
d) how

I will play guitar in the school concert tomorrow. / Wow! _____ _ ___.
a) Piece of cake
b) Under the weather.
c) Break a leg

Is the English homework very hard? / No. It's a _____ __ ____.
a) under the weather
b) piece of cake
c) break a leg

What happened? You look upset / I'm not upset. I'm _____ ___ _______.
a) under the weather
b) break a leg
c) piece of cake

What does 숙어 mean in English?
a) idiom
b) noun
c) adjective
d) verb

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