Grade 3/4 Unit 2 Review For Test Question Preview (ID: 5060)

Grade 3/4 Unit 2 Review For Test.[print questions]

States are _________ to other states when they share resources.
a) interdependent
b) producers
c) capital resources
d) citizens

A _______ is a group of states with common features
a) interdependent
b) capital resources
c) region
d) democracy

_________ happens when large bodies of water affect the climate of the land by them
a) hurricanes
b) tornadoes
c) hurricane
d) Lake effect

A strong wind that forms funnel shape is called a ________________
a) tornado
b) hurricane
c) lake effect
d) thunderstorm

A storm that usually forms in the ocean and has very strong winds and heavy wind
a) tornado
b) hurricane
c) lake effect
d) thunderstorm

One___________ of a bakery would be bread bags
a) producer
b) interest
c) capital resource
d) debt

A person who makes a product is a ___________
a) consumer
b) producer
c) capital resource
d) investor

________ is a fee charged by a bank for money they lend
a) savings account
b) bank
c) capital resource
d) interest

US lands set aside for Native Americans are called __________
a) regions
b) reservation
c) citizen
d) democracy

A ________ is a person who is born or who has earned the right to be a member of this country
a) citizen
b) sovereign
c) democracy
d) federal

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