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Why did the children cross the playground?
a) To get to the other slide
b) They wanted to see the chicken
c) To get exercise
d) For a stalling technique

How many servings of vegetables are required on a daily basis?
a) 3 - 5
b) 2 - 7
c) 4 - 8
d) 1 - 3

What is the purpose for multiple forks when dinning out?
a) In case you drop one
b) To take one home
c) To play a game with
d) To figure out who did it

What is the name of Mickey Mouse's girlfriend?
a) Minnie
b) Ariel
c) Cinderella
d) Beauty

What is the difference between extraordinary and ordinary?
a) That little EXTRA!
b) Nothing
c) Everything
d) A lot of alpha characters

Good friends know how you like your coffee. But what is a great friend?
a) One who adds booze
b) One who lies for you
c) One who steals your car
d) One who takes advantage of you

Why did the chicken cross the road?
a) To prove to the squirrels and raccoons it can be done
b) Because they have no brains
c) They had to get home
d) Nobody wants them

What did the snail say that was riding on the turtle?
a) Weeeee
b) Are you in a hurry
c) Hello
d) My name is Bill

What do you call a box full of ducks?
a) Cracker box
b) Gum wrapper
c) Bill collector
d) Fountain of youth

How does a monster count to 15?
a) With their fingers
b) By calling ghost busters
c) They don't count. They just eat fingers
d) With a tape measure

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