The Nazis Gain Power In Germany (654-655) Question Preview (ID: 50575)

The Nazis Gain Power In Germany (654-655). TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following was a problem of Germany after WWI
a) All of these are correct
b) Many factories were destroyed
c) Prices went up quickly (inflation)
d) Soldiers could not find jobs

The government after the Allies made Kaiser William II step down was called the _________ Republic.
a) German
b) Weimar
c) New
d) Old

Some Germans blamed the Wiemar Republic for accepting the mean terms of the _________________
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Non-aggression pact
c) United Nations Charter

The Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party was called ___________ for short.
a) Nazi
b) Communist Party
c) Red Army
d) White Army

What happened to Hitler in 1923?
a) He was put in jail
b) He was elected President
c) He died
d) He wrote a movie

What is the name of Hitler's book?
a) Mein Kampf
b) The Communist Manifesto
c) The Dialects
d) War and Peace

What problem helped the Nazis gain power
a) The Depression
b) Pollution
c) The Cold War
d) Feudalism

Many Germans turned to Hitler because he opposed (was against) ________________.
a) Communism
b) The Cold War
c) The Czars
d) Racism

Which of the following did Hitler do as dictator?
a) All of these are correct
b) Banned all other political parties and labor unions
c) Made the army swear to obey only him
d) Censored all books, magazines, radio programs and movies

Which of the following did Hitler do as dictator?
a) All of these are correct
b) Burned all books that criticized the government
c) Started a secret police called the Gestapo that made sure no one said anything bad about the government.
d) Rebuilt the army

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