Grade 7 Social Studies-Chapter 6 Question Preview (ID: 50543)

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Which land was returned to Spain in 1783?
a) Florida
b) Canada
c) Mississippi River

During the American Revolution, most Native American groups
a) sided with the British
b) sided with the Americans
c) remained neutral

a formal agreement between two powers to work together towards a common goal
a) alliance
b) treaty
c) resolution

How did fighting between Franc and Britain in Europe and the Caribbean help the American cause?
a) It left fewer British troops to fight in North America.
b) It protected trade between Spain and Britain.
c) It freed Spain to ally with Britain.

The Declaration of Independence is divided into a preamble and three main sections. The first main section
a) states some general ideas about a society and government.
b) details a long list of complaints against King George III.
c) declares that the colonies are free and independent states.

Someone who betrays his or her country
a) traitor
b) privateer
c) spoil alert

A french noble who became a high-ranking officer in Washington's army
a) Marquis de Lafayette
b) Friedrich von Steuben
c) Bernardo de Galvaz

Which country was the first to sign an alliance with the United States?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Poland

An American traitor
a) Benedict Arnold
b) John Paul Jones
c) Nathaniel Green

The Virginian resolution was introduced to Congress by
a) Richard Henry Lee
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Benjamin Franklin

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