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Chemical Bonds Hold Molecules Together And Create Temporary Connections That Are Essential To Life. This Game Aims To Structure Of The Atom Bonding Course For Grade 9 Students. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Cl (Z=17, A=35) and Cl (Z=17, A=37) are:
a) Allotropes.
b) Isotopes.
c) Isomers.
d) Different elements.

The electron configuration of calcium ion is K2 L8 M8. The number of electrons in the calcium atom is equal to:
a) 18.
b) 16.
c) 20.
d) 8.

The valence of nitrogen ( Z=7) is:
a) 3
b) 5
c) 7
d) All of the above

The Lewis electron dot symbol of the Hydrogen atom in H-H is:
a) H.
b) H:
c) .H.
d) :H :

The electron configuration of a noble gas in the third row is:
a) K2L8M6
b) K2L8M5
c) K2L8M1
d) K2L8M8

In PCl3 the type of bond is: P(Z=15) , Cl(Z=7)
a) Triple covalent bond.
b) Ionic.
c) Double covalent bond.
d) Single covalent bond.

The electron configuration of the phosphorous atom P: row 3 Group V
a) K2L7M6
b) K1L8M6
c) K2L8M5
d) K1L9M5

The type of bond between Na (Z=11, A=23) O (Z=8, A=16) is:
a) Ionic.
b) Single Covalent.
c) Double Covalent.
d) None of the above.

In O = C = O, carbon attains a stable octet by sharing:
a) 4 electrons.
b) 4 pairs of electrons.
c) 2 pairs of electrons.
d) 2 electrons.

The number of neutral particles in aluminum Al(Z=13 , A=27) is:
a) 13
b) 27
c) 14
d) 40

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