Algebraic Expression And Equations Question Preview (ID: 50477)

This Game Aims To Review The Lessons Algebraic Expressions And Equations For Grade 7 Learners. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following is not a monomial:
a) x + y
b) xy
c) 3x^5
d) z^7/7

The equation: 2x-3=4+2(x-1) has:
a) No solution
b) One solution
c) Two solutions
d) Many solutions

If x = -1 then the numerical value of 3x(x-2) is:
a) 9
b) -9
c) 6
d) -6

6 - (x-3) + (3 - 2y) =
a) 12 – x – 2y
b) 6 – x - 2y
c) 6 – x + 2y
d) 6 + x – 2y

Which of the following monomials are similar:
a) 5x and x^5
b) -3xyz and +3xyz
c) -7x^2 y and -7xy^2
d) 3xy and (3xy)(3xy)

The solution of the equation: 5(x-4)-3=2x-(1-x) is:
a) -3
b) 7
c) 11
d) 12

The common factor of: 3x^(5 ) and 6x^2
a) 3
b) 3x
c) x^2
d) 3x^2

〈x- y 〉^(2 )=
a) x^2+y^2
b) x^2- y^2
c) x^2-2xy+ y^2
d) x^2-2xy- y^2

( x + y)(x - y)
a) 2x – 2y
b) 2x + 2y
c) x^(2 )- y^2
d) x^2+ y^2

2x^3 y+10x^2 y^3=
a) 2(x^3 y+x^2 y^3)
b) 2x^2 y(x+5y^2)
c) 2x^2 y(x^2+5y^3)
d) 2x^2 y^3 (y+5x )

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