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What is the name of NaCl?
a) Sodium chloride
b) sodium chlorine
c) sodide chlorine
d) sodium chlorate

What is the formula for magnesium bromide?
a) MgBr
b) MgBr2
c) Mg2Br
d) Mg2Br2

What is the formula for lithium oxide?
a) LiO
b) LiO2
c) Li2O
d) Li2O2

What is the name of CaS?
a) calcium sulfur
b) calcium sulfate
c) calcium sulfide
d) calciumide sulfur

What is the name of NaOH?
a) Sodium oxygen hydrogen
b) Sodium oxygen hydride
c) Sodium hydroxide
d) Sodium oxyhydride

What is the formula for iron (II) fluoride?
a) Fe2F
b) FeF2
c) Fe2F2
d) F2Fe2

What is the formula for manganese (III) oxide?
a) Mn3O
b) MnO3
c) Mn3O2
d) Mn2O3

What is the name of Cu2S
a) Copper (II) sulfide
b) Copper (I) sulfide
c) Copper sulfide
d) Copper sulfate

What is the name of Al2O3?
a) Aluminum oxide
b) Aluminum oxygen
c) Aluminum (III) oxide
d) Aluminum (II) oxide

Which one of these metals requires a Roman numeral in its name?
a) K, potassium (#19)
b) Co, cobalt (#27)
c) N, nitrogen (#7)
d) Ca, calcium (#20)

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