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Medium Modal Exercise.[print questions]

they MUST be arriving
a) I'm sure they're on the way
b) they are obliged to come now
c) they will probably arrive soon
d) I don't know if they're coming

he MIGHT HAVE missed his train
a) fortunately, he could catch it
b) he didn't get to the station in time
c) he took the following train
d) he couldn't take it

I MUST HAVE lost my keys
a) I have surely lost them
b) I was obliged to lose them
c) I shouldn't have lost them
d) I didn't have to lose them

you NEEDN'T HAVE brought flowers
a) they are very nice, thank you
b) why didn't you come with flowers ?
c) weren't you obliged to bring flowers ?
d) I wish you had brought me flowers

he CAN'T HAVE bought that house !
a) how did he manage to pay for it ?
b) he probably couldn't buy it
c) I'm sure he had enough money
d) he shouldn't have bought it !

the theater MIGHT HAVE BEEN full
a) we were lucky to find some seats
b) we couldn't find any seat
c) the theater was overbooked
d) there was plenty of seats

she MAY HAVE phoned him, but in fact,
a) I don't really know
b) she didn't know his number
c) she couldn't use her phone
d) I'm sure she phoned him

he COULD HAVE helped us
a) il aurait pu
b) il aurait dû
c) il a dû
d) il devrait

he HAD TO leave very early
a) il a dû
b) il aurait dû
c) il devrait
d) il pouvait

she SHOULD be arriving in London by now
a) if the plane landed on time
b) if I were her, I would go to London
c) she needs to arrive now
d) it's raining in London now

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