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I CAN speak Chinese
a) je sais
b) il se peut que
c) je dois
d) je peux

he MAY come soon
a) il se peut qu\'il vienne
b) il doit venir
c) il peut ĂȘtre venu
d) il peut venir

you MAY sit down
a) you\'re allowed to sit down
b) you are forced to sit down
c) you\'ll probably sit down
d) you\'re able to sit down

you MUSTN\'T speak
a) you are forbidden to speak
b) you are not obliged to speak
c) you are unable to speak
d) you don\'t have to speak

you won\'t HAVE TO make your bed
a) you can do as you like
b) you should do it
c) you can\'t do it
d) you mustn\'t do it

she CAN\'T be that late !
a) I don\'t believe it
b) she mustn\'t be late
c) she shouldn\'t be so late
d) she isn\'t able to be late

you SHOULD try Mrs keller\'s exercises
a) if I were you, I would try them
b) you can do them
c) you\'re obliged to try them
d) you have no excuse if you don\'t try

they COULDN\'T open that door
a) they didn\'t manage to open it
b) they were not obliged to open it
c) they should not open it
d) they didn\'t have to open it

you NEEDN\'T give me so many details
a) you don\'t have to give
b) you\'re not allowed to give
c) you can\'t give
d) you shouldn\'t give

he MAY NOT know my address
a) perhaps he doesn\'t know it
b) he doesn\'t need to know it
c) he\'s not obliged to know it
d) he is not allowed to know it

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