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What extreme weather is thought to have caused the Australian Bush Fires?
a) High winds
b) Volcano's
c) Rising temperatures and lack of rain.
d) Sandstorms

What is Flash Flooding?
a) When it rains with both lightening and thunder.
b) When it floods the river but is over quickly.
c) When a unexpected heavy rainfall causes a large amount of water to travel and cover an area of land.
d) When lots of people take flash photos of a flood.

What is the most violent storm on Earth?
a) Hurricane
b) Tornado
c) SandStorm
d) Tsunami

What can cause extreme weather?
a) The oceans and atmosphere becoming warmer.
b) Nothing... it's just a random occurrence
c) Over population of the planet
d) God

Where does the most extreme weather occur on Earth?
a) Africa
b) Poland
c) The North Pole
d) USA

What is a Tornado?
a) A huge wave
b) Very hot temperatures
c) Heavy rain
d) Vertical funnels of fast spinning air

What can a lack of rain cause?
a) A drought
b) Lots of sunny days.
c) Sandstorms
d) Tsunami's

What do scientists use to detect and predict extreme weather?
a) Satellites and storm spotters
b) Guess work
c) Gossip of local people
d) Magic

Which of the following are classed as extreme weather occurrences?
a) Earthquake
b) Hurricane
c) Sunny day
d) Volcano

What continents are mostly affected by monsoons?
a) Europe
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) America's

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