Government And Economic Review For World Studies Question Preview (ID: 50434)

Review Of Government And Economic Concepts For 7th Grade World Studies. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The economic system based on supply and demand, consumers and business owners make decisions.
a) market
b) command
c) communist
d) traditional

The type of government where a few people have the power.
a) dictatorship
b) autocracy
c) democracy
d) oligarchy

Economic system based on farming, hunting, gathering, social roles and customs.
a) culture
b) market
c) Traditional
d) command

The type of economy where the government makes all the decisions.
a) traditional
b) command
c) market
d) mixed

The type of economy that would be best for an entrepreneur.
a) Market
b) Command
c) Traditional
d) None of these are the best for an entrepreneur.

A type of autocracy where the leader takes power by force and rules by force.
a) dictatorship
b) monarchy
c) theocracy
d) prime minister

A tax or fee placed on goods imported into a country.
a) Quota
b) Tariff
c) Embargo
d) Property tax

Refusal to trade with a country in hopes of achieving political or social change.
a) Treaty
b) Tariff
c) Quota
d) Embargo

Type of government where the people have the power.
a) autocracy
b) oligarchy
c) democracy
d) monarchy

The type of government where one person has the power, monarch, emperor, dictator.
a) autocracy
b) oligarchy
c) democracy
d) republic

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