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Which provides evidence of evolution?
a) Fossils
b) Books
c) Photographs
d) The internet

How old are most fossils?
a) Thousands of years
b) Hundreds of years
c) Millions of years
d) Several years

What word means a plant or animal has completely died out?
a) Adapted
b) Extinct
c) Evolved
d) Tolerant

Which word means the differences between living things of the same type?
a) Adaption
b) Evolution
c) Variation
d) Extinct

Which of these features are inherited from your parents?
a) eye colour
b) weight
c) muscle size
d) favourite colour

Which of these can be affected by your environment
a) nose shape
b) natural hair colour
c) eye colour
d) weight

Which group of islands did Charles Darwin visit?
a) Galapagos Islands
b) Shetland Islands
c) West Indies
d) Ireland

What was Darwin's theory of Evolution called?
a) Variation
b) Adaption of species
c) Evolutionation
d) Natural selection

What is the natural home of a living thing called?
a) Environment
b) Climate
c) Habitat
d) Den

What are the features that organisms have that make them suited to thier environment?
a) variations
b) habitations
c) adaptions
d) differences

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