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What do you need to see microorganisms?
a) microscope
b) telescope
c) magnifying glass
d) the eye

Which is not a microorganism?
a) fungi
b) bacteria
c) virus
d) insect

A virus is _________ bacteria
a) bigger than
b) smaller than
c) the same size as
d) double the size of

Certain __________ in our bodies help us digest food?
a) fungi
b) bacteria
c) algae
d) yeast

Which fungi helps bread to rise?
a) Eomycota
b) Mushrooms
c) Yeast
d) Microsporidia

Which fungi can help to stop infections?
a) E. Coli
b) Salmonella
c) Penicillin
d) Microsporidia

How do harmful microorganisms enter the body?
a) eyes, ears and mouth
b) eyes, ears, mouth and nose
c) mouth and nose
d) eyes, mouth and nose

Which cells in your body fights off harmful microorganisms?
a) White blood cells
b) red blood cells
c) platelets
d) capillaries

How long should you wash your hands for?
a) 10 seconds
b) 2 mins
c) 20 seconds
d) 1 min

How many times a day should you brush your teeth and how long for?
a) 2 mins 2 times a day
b) 1 mins 1 time a day
c) 2 mins 3 times a day
d) 3 mins 2 times a day

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