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What are the two rivers called?
a) Euphrates and Tigris
b) Babylonia and Tigris
c) Sumer and Euphrates
d) Babylonia and Sumer

When was Baghdad built?
a) 762 BC
b) 762 AD
c) 1003 BC
d) 1003 AD

What shape was the city of Baghdad?
a) triangle
b) rectangle
c) circle
d) square

What was the name of the building where people went to study?
a) House of Study
b) House of Wisdom
c) House of Intelligence
d) House of Understanding

What was the name given to the rulers of Baghdad?
a) Kasip
b) Casip
c) Caliph
d) Kaliph

Why was Baghdad built in a circle?
a) To be different from other cities
b) For a good design
c) Reminding Muslims that Allah is infinite
d) Geometry was important to muslims.

What was in the centre of the city?
a) A mosque
b) A school
c) A hospital
d) A palace

Who destroyed Baghdad?
a) Romans
b) Egyptians
c) French
d) Mongols

When did Baghdad get destroyed?
a) 1258 AD
b) 1390 AD
c) 1002 AD
d) 900 AD

The House of Wisdom had the largest collection of what?
a) Scholars
b) wisdom
c) computers
d) books

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