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Which is not in Northern America?
a) Canada
b) Brazil
c) Mexico
d) USA

Which is a country in South America?
a) Peru
b) India
c) Jordan
d) Latvia

What is the rainforest in Brazil called?
a) Congolian
b) Daintree
c) Tongrass
d) Amazon

What is the longest river of America called?
a) Mississippi
b) Yukon
c) Rio Grande
d) Colorado

What is the most spoken language in south America?
a) English
b) Portuguese
c) French
d) Spanish

Which country is not in South America?
a) Argentina
b) Afghanistan
c) Chile
d) Colombia

What is the name of the old Inca city located in Peru?
a) Nazcar
b) Cusco
c) Machu Picchu
d) Ecuador

In which country is the southernmost point in south America?
a) Chile
b) Argentina
c) Colombia
d) Venezuela

How many states in the USA?
a) 51
b) 50
c) 52
d) 49

What is the largest mountain range in the USA called?
a) Alps
b) Himalayas
c) Andes
d) Rocky Mountains

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