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What is the start of the river called?
a) start
b) spring
c) source
d) mouth

What is the end of the river (where it meets to sea) called?
a) mouth
b) leg
c) end
d) meet

What is the longest river in the world?
a) Huang He
b) Nile
c) Mississippi
d) Amazon

Which feature would you not find in the upper course of the river?
a) waterfall
b) rapids
c) source
d) meander

What is the name of the point in which two rivers meet?
a) tributary
b) confluence
c) ox-bow lake
d) dam

Which river is in Europe?
a) Colorado
b) Danube
c) Ganges
d) Yangtze

What electricity can be created using dams?
a) hydroelectricity
b) nuclear electricty
c) kinetic electricy
d) solar electricty

What is the name of canal that primarily flows from London to Birmingham?
a) Bridge water Canal
b) Grand Union Canal
c) New Junction Canal
d) Wardle Canal

What is the path next to the canal called?
a) tree path
b) toll path
c) two path
d) tow path

What was the main item transported from London to Birmingham when the Grand Union Canal in England was first built?
a) tea
b) coal
c) sugar
d) timber

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