Science 4: L2J Vocabulary 2 Question Preview (ID: 50351)

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Totally necessary
a) essential
b) nutrition
c) minerals
d) vitamin

All of the same species living in an area.
a) population
b) community
c) habitat
d) ecosystem

Non-living substances that make up rocks, sand, and soil.
a) minerals
b) vitamins
c) erosion
d) deposit

Invisible force that attracts one object to another.
a) magnetism
b) energy
c) electricity
d) insulator

Use a force that causes one object to move away from another object.
a) repel
b) attract
c) poles
d) energy

To take in or soak up energy.
a) absorption
b) reflection
c) refraction
d) conduction

Opposite ends of a magnet where the force is strongest.
a) poles
b) conduction
c) insulation
d) refraction

To carry energy.
a) conduct
b) refract
c) reflect
d) insulate

Behaviors that living things are born with.
a) instincts
b) habitat
c) adaptation
d) mimicry

Nutrients the body needs to grow and be healthy.
a) vitamins
b) photosynthesis
c) substance
d) insulate

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