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The theory that states that the universe is constantly expanding is called...
a) the flat universe theory
b) the theory of relativity
c) the closed universe theory
d) the open universe theory

Astronomy is the study of...
a) life
b) space
c) chemicals
d) horoscopes

A light year measures...
a) distance
b) velocity
c) speed
d) time

A large group of stars is called..
a) universe
b) asteroid belt
c) galaxy
d) solar system

Which of the following terms best describes Pluto\'s status as a celestial body?
a) a planet
b) a moon
c) a small solar system body
d) a dwarf planet

What type of reaction occurs inside the sun?
a) nuclear fission
b) potential energy
c) kinetic energy
d) nuclear fusion

Which planet is closest to the sun?
a) Earth
b) Mars
c) Mercury
d) Venus

What causes seasons on Earth?
a) Earth's tilt on its axis
b) Earth's rotation around the sun
c) the sun's rotation around the Earth
d) the moon's rotation around the Earth

During which phase of the moon does a lunar eclipse occur?
a) new moon
b) gibbous moon
c) full moon
d) crescent moon

What causes the tides?
a) the Earth's pull of gravity on the moon
b) the moon's pull of gravity of the Earth
c) the sun's pull of gravity on the Earth
d) the sun's pull of gravity on the moon

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