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Which of the following shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms?
a) taxon
b) domain
c) binomial nomenclature
d) cladogram

The second part of a scientific name is unique to each
a) order in its class
b) species in its genus
c) family in its order
d) genus in its family

A genus is composed of a number of related
a) kingdoms
b) phyla
c) orders
d) species

Sometimes, organisms that are not closely related look similar because of
a) convergent evolution
b) molecular clocks
c) mutations
d) reclassification

In an evolutionary classification scheme, species within one genus should
a) be more similar in appearnce to each other than they are to other species.
b) not be similar in appearance.
c) be limited to species that can interbreed.
d) have identical genes.

In biology, an evolutionary innovation is also referred to as a
a) derived character
b) taxonomic group
c) molecular clock
d) physical similarity

The study of organisms requires the use of
a) only large, general categories of organisms
b) only small, specific categories of organisms
c) both large and small categories of organisms
d) no categories of organisms are specifically assigned

Similar genes are evidence of
a) binomial nomenclature
b) mutations
c) common ancestry
d) different anatomy

For many species, there are often regional differences in their
a) binomial nomenclature
b) taxa
c) scientific names
d) common names

Scientists have identified and named
a) all living species
b) all living and extinct species
c) all extinct species
d) a fraction of all species

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