Heart & Lung Anatomy & Physiology Question Preview (ID: 502)

A & P Of The Heart & Lung. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The voice box is found in the...
a) larynx
b) pharynx
c) trachea
d) all of the answers are correct

Alveoli need to be extremely thin so that...
a) gas exchange will be efficient
b) carbon monoxide will not enter the blood stream
c) carbon dioxide can enter the systemic circuit
d) diffusion will occur at a slower rate

What would happen if the trachea became blocked?
a) All answers are correct
b) Carbon dioxide would increase in the blood
c) Oxygen would decrease in the blood
d) Gas exchange at the alveoli would decrease

What is the chamber that forces blood towards the lungs?
a) Right ventricle
b) Right atrium
c) Left ventricle
d) Left atrium

Why is the left ventricle the most muscular chamber?
a) It is the last chamber to act on blood before blood circulates through the systemic circuit
b) It forces the blood into the lungs to become oxygenated
c) It forces blood into both the pulmonary & systemic circuits
d) It receives blood from the superior & inferior vena cava

In general, what is one difference between the atria & the ventricles
a) Atria receive the blood, ventricles pump the blood
b) Atria pump deoxygenated blood, ventricles pump oxygenated
c) Atria pump the blood, ventricles receive the blood
d) Atria pump plasma, ventricles pump cellular components

Below the trachea, the ___________ form the first branches into the lungs.
a) bronchus
b) bronchioles
c) alveoli
d) larynx

What protein transports gasses to & from the capillaries in the alveoli?
a) Hemoglobin
b) Amino acid
c) Monoxide
d) Lipase

Gas exchange in the systemic circuit occurs at the ___________.
a) capillaries
b) venules
c) veins
d) aorta

The pulmonary circuit is composed of the flow of blood between _____________.
a) heart & lungs
b) both lungs
c) superior vena cava & inferior vena cava
d) heart & systemic circuit

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