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Which of the following industry is benefiting from new technologies?
a) Airline industry
b) Entertainment
c) Space Exploration
d) They all are

Which of the following industry is benefiting from new technologies?
a) Automobile and interstate highway
b) Computer industry
c) Internet
d) They all are

How has satellites benefitted from technology?
a) Use of cell phones
b) Use of pagers
c) Television
d) They all are

How has new technologies impacted American life?
a) Greater access to news and other information
b) Cheaper adn more convient means of communication
c) Increased domestic and international travel
d) They all have impacted American life

Technology has brought greater access to ______ and ___________.
a) Heating and Air Conditioning
b) Air and Sky
c) Food and water
d) None of the answers

Technology has decreased regional variations, what does that mean?
a) People accross the country are similar in thier likes and dislikes
b) People accross the country are not alike
c) People are only similar to those whom they live with
d) People are exatly the same wherever you go.

What has decreased regional varaitions.
a) Television
b) Radio
c) Internet and computer games
d) All of the answers

Who is going to win the Orange Bowl?
a) Stanford
b) Virginia Tech
c) Pick Virginia Tech
d) Pick the Hokies

What holiday is coming up?
a) Christmas
b) Easter
c) Valentines Day
d) 4th of July

What has wheels and flies?
a) A garbage truck
b) he he he
c) get it, a garbage truck has wheels and flies...you know the insects.... lol
d) oh man, I am hilarious.

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