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Forces Change The Position Or Motion Of An Object. Forms Of Energy. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Objects can have many different kinds of energy. Which of these forms of energy does lightning NOT have?
a) solar energy
b) heat energy
c) light energy
d) electrical energy

What must happen in order for you to hear drums?
a) Light waves must bounce off drums.
b) Molecules in the air must vibrate.
c) Your ears must be perfectly still.
d) The ground must be perfectly flat.

Which of these gives off the MOST heat energy, light energy, and solar energy?
a) Stove
b) Lamp
c) Moon
d) Sun

Which event must happen in order for any type of sound to be produced?
a) Electrons must flow.
b) Heat must be radiated.
c) Matter must vibrate.
d) Light waves must be absorbed.

When water in the oceans heats up, some of it evaporates. Which of these happens next?
a) Water flows down rivers.
b) Water seeps into the ground.
c) Water condenses to form clouds.
d) Water precipitates as rain or snow.

What is refraction?
a) Light bouncing off of an object.
b) Bending of light.
c) Light being absorbed.
d) Vibration of particles.

Eyeglasses correct vision problems because they are made of ---
a) lenses that bend the light.
b) lenses that reflect the light.
c) mirrors that bend the light.
d) mirrors that reflect the light.

Plucking the strings of a harp produces sound because it causes the strings to ----
a) shorten
b) become longer.
c) strike one another.
d) vibrate

The formation of winds on Earth's surface is most influenced by ---
a) comets
b) asteroids
c) the sun
d) the moon

What force can cause a mud slide?
a) Friction
b) Inertia
c) Gravity
d) Electricity

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