Roaring Twenties Vocabulary-#1-2021 Question Preview (ID: 49993)

Roaring Twenties 32.

#1 factor for economic prosperity; rural areas were no longer isolated as populations increasing along major highways
a) Prohibition Laws
b) Factories
c) Labor Unions
d) Automobile

A government scandal involving a United States Navy oil reserve in Wyoming that was secretly leased to a private oil company in 1921
a) Watergate Scandal
b) Teapot Dome Scandal
c) Sherman Anti-Trust Scanal
d) Sacco and Vanzetti Scanal

-Laissez-faire Economics -Rise of the Automobile -Other New Industries -More Efficient Production Techniques -Age of Mass Consumption (credit/installment)
a) Prohibition Period
b) Reasons for the Great Migration
c) Reasons for 1920s Prosperity
d) Philanthropy Effects

Attempted to organize African Americans in a Back-to-Africa Movement
a) Marcus Garvey
b) Henry Ford
c) Langston Hughes
d) Fredric Douglas

Quota system designed to keep immigrants from southern and eastern Europe out of the U.S.
a) Chinese Exclusion Act
b) Restrict Immigrants Acts of 1920s
c) Immigration Acts (1920s)
d) Anti-Immigrant Laws of the 1920s

Repealed the 18th Amendment (prohibition); made alcohol legal again
a) 19th Amendment
b) 21st Amendment
c) 18st Amendment
d) 17th Amendment

During the 1920s, this led to a growth in lawlessness and the rise of organized crime
a) Palmer Raids
b) Immigration Acts
c) EFFECT of Prohibition
d) Labor Union Strikes

He became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927
a) Glenn Curtis
b) Henry Ford
c) Orval Wright
d) Charles Lindbergh

One of America's best poets during the Harlem Renaissance, his poems, novels, plays, and newspaper columns made him very popular
a) Henry Ford
b) Langston Hughes
c) Marcus Garvey
d) Duke Ellington

About 2 million African Americans migrated from the South to the Northeast/Midwest in search of jobs in factories
a) The Great Migration
b) Harlem Renaissance
c) Urbanization
d) Westward Expansion

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