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Which of these statements BEST describes the countries that border the Persian Gulf?
a) They all have large stores of diamonds
b) They all have epidemic diseases
c) They all have large stores of oil
d) They all have large populations

Which phrase below BEST defines the term \
a) taking salt out of salt water
b) taking a nap
c) taking people out of their homelands
d) taking minerals out of the earth

Southwest Asian countries bordering the Persian Gulf import all of the following EXCEPT
a) vegetables
b) oil
c) olive oil
d) cereal

In 70 CE, the Romans invaded Jerusalem. What monument of importance to Jews did they destroy?
a) the Second Temple
b) the Temple of the Mount
c) the Western Wall
d) the First Temple

OPEC is made up of 15 nations that
a) support American expansion in Southwest Asia
b) have large automobile industries
c) have large oil reserves
d) support democracy in Southwest Asia

Kuwait's main source of water is
a) desalination
b) the Euphrates River
c) the Sea of Galilee
d) the Nile River

Which Southwest Asian country lies along the Euphrates River between Turkey and Iraq?
a) Syria
b) Iran
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Kuwait

Which Southwest Asian country has invested to expand its steel industry?
a) Kuwait
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iran
d) Iraq

Around the time of Jesus's death circa 30 CE, his followers started to spread his teachings and were the origin of the Christian religion. What were those followers called?
a) Muslims
b) Romans
c) Disciples
d) Jews

How is Jewish history different from that of the Bedouins, Turks, and Persians?
a) Jews practice Islam
b) Jews practice Christianity
c) Jews practice a blend of Islam and Christianity
d) Jews practice Judaism

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