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Which of the following must happen for a new species to evolve?
a) Isolation
b) All of the above
c) Differentation
d) Adaptation

The climate of a certain area is cold, and snow is found on the ground most of the year. Equal numbers of two populations of rabbits are introduced into this climate by a group of
a) There will be equal numbers of brown and white rabbits.
b) There is no way to predict what will happen to the rabbit population.
c) There will be more white rabbits than brown rabbits.
d) There will be more brown rabbits that white rabbits.

Evidence for evolution can be found in:
a) fossil record
b) All of the above
c) DNA analysis
d) comparative anatomy

The picture shows the same piece of anatomy for 4 different species. The structures shown are referred to as:
a) analogous structure
b) arms
c) vetebrates
d) homologous structures

The process of how organisms acquire adaptations over time is called:
a) adaptation
b) selective breeding
c) natural selection
d) evolution

As a populations’ habitat changes over time, which species would have a better chance of survival?
a) A species with a high level of variation
b) A species that feeds only on one type of food
c) A species that rarely mutates
d) A species with a low level of variation

Variations in a poplutation are caused by
a) natural selection
b) selective breeding
c) random mutations
d) artifical selection

The relationship among living species and their ancestors is shown in:
a) a timeline.
b) an evolutionary diagram.
c) a cladogram.
d) None of the above

Darwin's theory of evolution suggests that:
a) speicies change over time
b) animals that look alike are the most closely related.
c) different species can interbreed
d) extinct species are not related to living species

Which statement about evolution in the Galapogos finches is true?
a) Natural Selection on beak size and shape is driven by available food
b) None of the finich species is reproductively isolated
c) Mate choice likely plays no role in the finches' evolution
d) Stabilizing selection has faved favored an intermediate beak type for all of the finiches

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