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What is runoff?
a) water that forms a glacier
b) water in the ocean
c) water that falls as snow
d) water that flows off the land after a rain

Where does the water in rivers and streams mostly come from?
a) rain
b) the ocean
c) lakes
d) melting glaciers

A meandering stream has __________.
a) few curves
b) a narrow stream bed
c) no known source
d) many curves

Where is sediment deposited in a meandering stream?
a) outside the bend
b) inside the bend
c) in the center
d) at the mouth

What separates drainage basins?
a) mountains
b) valleys
c) divides
d) streams

Streams form __________ valleys.
a) U-shaped
b) W-shaped
c) V-shaped
d) X-shaped

Sediment that is too large to be carried in streams is called a __________ load.
a) suspended
b) dissolved
c) bed
d) heavy

Streams drop their loads when they lose __________.
a) heat
b) slope
c) water
d) energy

Alluvial fans form on __________.
a) water
b) deltas
c) streambeds
d) land

Which is not a way to control flooding?
a) build levees
b) build dams
c) alter a stream channel
d) stop rivers

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