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what does the first law of motion state
a) everything moves
b) gravity affects everything
c) force equals mass times acceleration
d) an object at rest stays at rest until a force acts upon it

what is the second law of motion
a) if you push it it will move
b) objects will slow down
c) force equals mass time acceleration
d) objects are under friction

what is the third law of motion
a) for every action there is an equal and opposite reatction
b) gravity pulls all things down to earth
c) if your car hits a wall you fly out of the car
d) F= m X A

what law allows birds to fly in the sky
a) newtons first law of motion
b) none of the laws of motion
c) newton\'s third law of motion
d) newton\'s secind law of motion

at what speed do all objects fall to earth?
a) 10.96 m/s2
b) 6.00 m/s2
c) 3.00 m/s2
d) 9.81 m/s2

which one is a force that keeps you on earth
a) gravity
b) static electricity
c) magnetism
d) friction

which is a force that makes your hair stand up
a) gravity
b) magnetism
c) static electricity
d) friction

which is a force that slows something down
a) gravity
b) magnetism
c) static electricity
d) friction

does the force of gravity change based on the mass of the object?
a) no
b) sometimes
c) maybe
d) yes

if the car hits a wall and you keep going which law of motion is this
a) third law of motion
b) first law of motion
c) second law of motion
d) it doesn\'t happen ever.

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