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A female patient, five months pregnant, presents with Pulmonary edema. You choose not to administer Furosemide.
a) Correct, why?
b) Incorrect, why

A 63 y/o male patient presents with SVT. You are going to administer Adenosine. What is the correct dosage and route?
a) 3mg IV
b) 3mg IM
c) 6mg IV
d) 6mg IM

A 22 y/o female patient presents with an acute anxiety state. Which drug would be appropriate to administer?
a) Epinephrine
b) Albuterol sulfate
c) Diazepam
d) None of the above, why?

A intoxicated 21 y/o male patient, out with friends, ends up in a bar altercation and suffers a broken nose. He is in pain. You administer Morphine Sulfate
a) Correct, Why?
b) Incorrect, Why?

A patient presents with hypoglycemia. You administer Glucagon. What is/are the route(s) of administration?
a) IV
b) IM
c) SQ
d) Any of the above

A 32 y/o male patient presents with chest pain and blood pressure of 168/80. He also states he consumed a Cialis pill approx 36 hrs ago. You decide to administer Nitroglycerin.
a) Correct, Why?
b) Incorrect, Why?

There are no contraindications for administering Epinephrine to a patient in cardiac arrest as well as hypothermic.
a) True
b) False

An indication for the administration of Lidocaine Hydrochloride is?
a) Asystole
b) Cardiac arrest from VF
c) Acute bronchial asthma
d) Chest pain unrelieved by nitroglycerin

Contraindications for this drug include: Hypersensitivity, respiratory depression, and shock...
a) Epinepherine
b) Glucagon
c) Adenosine
d) Diazepam

A patient found suffering from hypothermia is also presenting with acute bronchospasm. You choose not to administer Epinephrine.
a) Correct, Why?
b) Incorrect, Why?

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