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Choose The Correctly Written Sentence.[print questions]

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The newspaper claimed that the suspects was identified.
b) Until the students read the directions, they were not aloud to do the science lab.
c) Many people don't understand wonderfull life is!
d) Because the messages were all out of order, I couldn't understand what you were trying to say.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The glass particles were all over the floor, upstairs.
b) It's not about win or loose ; it is about how you play.
c) The first episode of Myth Busters was on last night, and I forgot to record it.
d) When the little kitten meowed the girl knew it was hungrey.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The Youtube celebrity was seen eating outside of a Los Angeles mall last weekend.
b) The game was going into overtime; The score was 14 to 14.
c) I listened in Math class, but it felt like a foreign language to me!
d) The milk is expired: The date reads January 20th, 2020.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The loud direct man can across as rude when he didn't sugarcoat the problem.
b) The womans' athletic wing had motivational posters all over the wall.
c) Tutorials were going well; the student's grades were all improving.
d) I know, this is a difficult task for you.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) My Music Teacher told me to practice sight reading.
b) The survey's will be sent to all the teachers on Friday.
c) The man was paralyzed in fear, because he thought he saw ghost.
d) The books are located in the right corner of the room.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The well known actress stood up and gave her speech.
b) The puppys were all eating their food when the owners came home.
c) I am wanting to sell my home, and I would like to buy a new one.
d) The burrito choices were bacon, egg and cheese, cilantro, ham, and egg, and potato, egg and cheese.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) Becca and Steven are going on vacation and he asked her to marry him!
b) My Dad would not let me watch the television show because it said viewer discretion was advised!
c) Shaina went to school at Johnson Weldon intermediate school in the summer of 2008.
d) Can I drive the car to the mall or at least go to a friend's house, Mom?

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The phone was fully charged, and ready to go
b) The horse hurt it's hoof as it jumped over the old, wooden fense.
c) The Outsiders is one of my favorate books.
d) Stella was born during last year's annual charity event.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The boy went to see the Nurse to get some ice.
b) The Baseball Player injured himself at first-base.
c) Finally, we were getting a new sink installed!
d) The gas light came on, and their wasn't a gas station for miles!

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The woman packed many random items: a blow dryer, pajamas, tennis shoes, and bracelets.
b) If you do not get your work completed you will not pass this class.
c) Your welcome for all the things I have done for you lately.
d) Jayden the boy with the cool phone, lost his computer on Saturday.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) I am going to the dance on Friday; my mom is taking me shopping this week!
b) My mom is allowing me to skip my chores this weekend; She said it takes a lot of hard work to make all A's.
c) The animal's natural habitats are the best for them to thrive!
d) I don't belive the rumors that are going around right now.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) Many of the boys' wet swimsuits were left outside to dry.
b) Do you need me to spell it out for you or paint you a picture, Jenna.
c) The basketball games referee had a biased toward the other team.
d) The lights were to bright for me to open my eyes wide enough to see what was happening.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) Who's the person responsible for sending our research project to the counselor?
b) Which counciler will be handing out schedules this year?
c) Whose in charge of decorations for Bella's birthday party?
d) I need to know where were supposed to go after the game.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) The mens' restroom was closed to the public because a sink overflowed.
b) The young, courageous boy saved the woman that was drowning!
c) The cup was filed with coffee, it took the place of her breakfast.
d) The pen's cap was missing and the pen was running out of ink.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) I ashamed that there actions are affecting so many people.
b) There is no way to determine were the kids went after school.
c) It was odd that I had to write a English paper about World War II.
d) The older woman claimed that she saw an eight-year-old girl stealing her flowers.

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