Minerals - Chapter 2 Question Preview (ID: 4944)

Mineral Properties, Characteristics, And Mining Methods.[print questions]

Minerals are part of Earth's:
a) hydrosphere
b) biosphere
c) atmosphere
d) lithosphere

Which statement best describes the relationship between rocks and minerals?
a) Rocks are made from one or more minerals.
b) Rocks and minerals are the same thing.
c) Rocks are elements; minerals are compounds.
d) Rocks are formed by weathering; minerals are formed by heat.

A mineral is a substance that forms
a) from rocks
b) in liquid
c) from one element
d) in nature

A mineral is made up of one or more
a) ores
b) all of the above
c) elements
d) rocks

How is it possible for two different minerals to have the same chemical composition?
a) They have different crystal structures.
b) They have different appearances.
c) Only one is a rock-forming mineral.
d) One is formed only by organisms.

Most minerals in Earth\'s crust belong to the silicate group because this group contains the
a) rarest minerals on Earth.
b) largest crystals on Earth.
c) most valuable minerals on Earth.
d) most common elements on Earth.

Which of the following is the least reliable clue to a mineral\'s identity?
a) color
b) streak
c) luster
d) density

Which of the following properties can be measured by the Moh\'s scale.
a) luster
b) magnetism
c) hardness
d) density

Open pit mining is used to obtain ores that lie
a) under flat land
b) in riverbeds
c) near the Earth's surface
d) deep in Earth's crust

The powder left behind when scraping a mineral against a surface us called its
a) color
b) luster
c) streak
d) hardness

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