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________________ is feedback provided after a series of performance attempts that informs the learner about each of the attempts in a series.
a) Average feedback
b) intermettent feedback
c) bandwidth feedback
d) summary feedback

Describes the errors a learner makes and suggests something to correct the errors
a) Prescriptive feedback
b) fading feedback
c) summary feedback
d) descriptive feedback

Removal of an unpleasant stimulus, increasing the likelihood that the person will produce the response again under similar circumstances.
a) punishment
b) intermittent reinforcement
c) negative reinforcement
d) Positive reinforcement

Identify the feedback property that is most likely operating in this scenario: The shot was too wide, Don\'t bring your racket back so quick and follow through toward the net.
a) motivational
b) dependency
c) reinforcing
d) informational

Sensory informaiton that comes from producing the movement. Information may be exteroceptive or proprioceptive.
a) extrinsic feedback
b) knowledge of performance
c) intrinsic feedback
d) knowledge of results

A set of rules relating the various outcomes of a person's actions to the parameters that the person sets to produce those outcomes.
a) parameter value
b) rehearsal
c) generalized motor program
d) schema

The suggestion is that this makes practice harder and performance decreases; however, it requires learner to exercise certain processes beneficial for performing in target context.
a) Elaboration hypothesis
b) Desirable difficulties
c) Short-term memory
d) Forgetting hypothesis

A practice sequence in which a significant amount of time is spent on one task before practicing the next task.
a) blocked practice
b) constant practice
c) varied practice
d) random practice

A mental-practice technique in which the learner tries to see and feel himself or herself actually performing the skill.
a) hypnosis
b) mental guidance
c) mental imagery
d) visual dominance

Feedback about the velocity, acceleration, or other aspects of the movement.
a) reinforcement
b) kinematic feedback
c) motivating feedback
d) intermittent feedback

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