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These are the parts of Access database that helps you view, edit, manage, and analyze the data, such as tables, queries, forms, reports macros, and modules.
a) Objects
b) Tables
c) Records
d) Data types

Access automatically enters the next consecutive number into the field as it creates the record. This is called what?
a) Objects
b) Auto Number
c) Edit mode
d) Edit record

This is a symbol which looks like a small pencil.
a) Edit mode
b) Orphan record
c) Primary key
d) Edit record

This is a pop-up calendar from which you can choose dates for a date field.
a) Calendar picker
b) Referential integrity
c) Field names
d) Relational database

Which of the following is not a typical benefit of relational databases?
a) Faster information retrieval
b) More accurate data
c) Minimized duplicate data entry
d) Automatic correction of data as it is entered

Which of the following is an advantage of managing data with relational database software such as Access versus spreadsheets in Excel?
a) Provides greater security
b) Allows multiple users to enter data at the same time
c) Reduces duplicate data entry
d) All of the above

The object that creates a professional printout of data that includes headers, footers, and graphics is which of the following?
a) Report
b) Form
c) Query
d) Table

Which of the following is the object that contains all of the database data?
a) Page
b) Form
c) Table
d) Report

What can you use to quickly create a new database?
a) Template
b) Module
c) Form
d) Object

This is referred to as the connected data.
a) Embed
b) Link
c) Linked object
d) Integration

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