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a) a tall pole
b) close or crowding together
c) green lush grass
d) a toy robot

a) a round ball
b) adventure in the woods
c) a small hill or heap of dirt or stones
d) big trees

a) a long nose or muzzle that sticks out
b) fish
c) a type of food
d) wood frames

Land Developer
a) a big piece of land
b) the land surrounding a bay
c) a person who wants to alter the landscape or develop the land
d) someone who writes stories

a) a cut
b) a child
c) a deep whole in the ground
d) a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

high rise apartment building
a) tall building or structure where many people live
b) when the sun comes up
c) an old building
d) all of the above

a) cold food
b) hard mud or clay
c) the skin of an animal
d) to mention something

a) to hit with a hammer
b) to live in a longhouse
c) to be happy
d) to settle in for a long time

a) a fish
b) covered with scales
c) to weigh something
d) overweight

a) a whole
b) a purple color
c) fruit
d) to stare with your mouth open in surprise

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