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Which of the following is teh best example of Aquired traits?
a) trained atheletes have non athletic children
b) mutations occur spontaneously
c) rabbits w/ rough fur have offspring w/ rough fur
d) a father passes a scar onto his son

Any change in an organisms DNA is called a ...
a) mutation
b) physical variation
c) mental variation
d) analogous

Which of the following looks the same on the outside, but different on the inside?
a) analogous
b) homologous
c) vestigal
d) all of these

Which of the following is not an adaptation?
a) mental
b) structural
c) behavioral
d) functional

An example of a functional adaptation is...
a) a snake\'s venom
b) all of these
c) enzymes in your mouth
d) scorpion stinger

Which of the following is the name of Darwin's Ship?
a) Beagle
b) Bugle
c) Butter
d) Bagle

Darwin job on the beagle was he was the ships____________.
a) naturalist
b) nurse
c) captin
d) pirate

All of teh following can cause punctuated equilibrium except:
a) wind
b) volcanic eruption
c) flood
d) drought

Any trait picked up during your life time is called an _______________________ trait.
a) acquired
b) punctuated
c) gradualism
d) mutation

Who supported Natural selection?
a) Darwin
b) Lamarck
c) Einstein
d) Gould

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