Type Of Cells And Homeostasis And Cell Theory Question Preview (ID: 49232)

Cell Types And Maintaining Homeostasis.

Which of the following is a characteristic of many eukaryotes?
a) Many eukaryotes have no DNA
b) Many eukaryotes have many cells
c) Many eukaryotes have no cell membrane
d) Many eukaryotes have DNA in cytoplasm

What phrase defines the term homeostasis?
a) Division of cells that make up the body
b) Regulation of the environment outside the body
c) Maintenance of a stable environment inside the body
d) Removal of waste materials produced by the cells of the body

What is a difference between eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells?
a) Only prokaryotic cells have cytoplasm.
b) Only eukaryotic cells have a cell membrane.
c) Only prokaryotic cells have genetic material.
d) Only eukaryotic cells have membrane-bound organelles.

What is the result of homeostasis at the cellular level?
a) The cell dies.
b) The cell divides
c) The cell no longer obtains energy.
d) The environment within the cell is stable.

Kayla summarizes the cell theory to her class. She states that all organisms are made up of one or more cells. Which pair of statements correctly completes her summary
a) All cells come from existing cells, and all cells have the same parts.
b) All cells are the same size, and the cell is the basic unit of all organisms.
c) The cell is the basic unit of all organisms, and all cells have the same parts
d) The cell is the basic unit of all organisms, and all cells come from existing cells.

A picture shows a unicellular organism. What type of a cell is shown?
a) plant cell
b) animal cell
c) prokaryote
d) eukaryote

Some cells in multicellular organisms are constantly dividing. What is one reason why cells divide?
a) so that an organism can eliminate wastes
b) so that an organism can grow by adding new cells
c) so that an organism can obtain the energy that it needs
d) so that an organism can exchange materials with its environment

Part of the cell theory states that cells come from other cells. Which statement below explains that this part of cell theory applies to all organisms?
a) The cells of all organisms excrete waste
b) The cells of all organisms have cytoplasm
c) The cells of all organisms divide to make more cells
d) he cells of all organisms take in nutrients from their environment

The cell theory was developed based upon the research done by many scientists over many years. Which of the following statements is NOT a part of the modern cell theory?
a) Cells are the basic units of life
b) All organisms are composed of cells
c) All cells are microscopic
d) All cells come from pre-existing cells

The survival of cells depends on maintaining homeostasis. What will happen to a cell if homeostasis is not maintained?
a) Many chemical reactions in the cell will slow down or even stop
b) The cell will immediately divide
c) Cell processes will continue unchanged
d) The cell will eliminate wastes more efficiently

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