Motor Learning Review Test 3 Question Preview (ID: 492)

Reviews Chapters 8-10. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In relation to attention, _____________ is used when people attend to cues or information in the environment
a) external focus
b) internal focus
c) narrow focus
d) broad focus

The activation, or excitement, of the central nervous system, which varies from extremely low to extremely high levels is
a) anxiety
b) arousal
c) excitement
d) bipolarity

A practice schedule in which the amount of rest between practice attempts is relatively shorter than the amount of time spent practicing.
a) varied practice
b) blocked practice
c) massed practice
d) distributed practice

Targets for performance improvement that focus on the quality of the movement production
a) process goals
b) outcome goals
c) blocked practice
d) varied goals

The belief that humans can concentrate on only a limited amount of information at one time; restrains teh ability to process information.
a) short-term memory
b) short-term sensory stores
c) long-term memory
d) limited attentional capacity

A practice procedure that involves the demonstration of a skill for the person who is trying to learn the skill
a) modeling
b) observational learning
c) demonstrations
d) guidance

A type of part practice in which the difficulty of some aspect of the target skill is reduced
a) part practice
b) segmentation
c) simulator
d) simplification

_____ explain(s) the contextual interference effect by suggeting that the learner forgets task A to do task B, and then has to relearn or replan task A the next time it is needed.
a) Forgetting hypotheses
b) Short-term memory
c) Desirable difficulties
d) Retrieval forgettal

Choose a practice structure that would be appropriate for shooting 150 freethrows.
a) blocked practice
b) random practice
c) constant practice
d) varied practice

______ is augmented feedback that provides information about the quality of movement the performer produced.
a) extrinsic feedback
b) knowledge of results
c) intrinsic feedback
d) knowledge of performance

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