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If you were caught in freezing weather with only a candle for heat, you would be warmer in
a) An igloo
b) A wooden house
c) A tent
d) A car

The reason the Sun’s radiant energy is of shorter wavelengths than the Earth’s is because the Sun
a) Has more thermal energy
b) Has a higher temperature
c) Is an energy source
d) All of these

The planet Earth loses heat mainly by
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation

Evaporation is a cooling process and condensation is a
a) Warming process
b) Cooling process
c) Neither

Evaporation is a cooling process because
a) Heat is radiated during the process
b) Of conduction and convection
c) The more energetic molecules are able to escape
d) None of these

Steam burns are more damaging than burns cause by boiling water because steam
a) Gives up additional energy when it condenses
b) Has more energy than boiling water
c) Both of these

We feel uncomfortably warm on a muggy day because water molecules are
a) Evaporating from our moist bodies
b) Condensing on our bodies
c) Preventing the evaporation from our moist bodies

We are warmed by condensation because water molecules in the air that strike our bodies
a) Transfer some of their kinetic energies to us
b) Gain kinetic energy as they change state
c) Form an insulating layer on our bodies

When heat is added to boiling water, the water temperature
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Stays the same

When a gas is changed to a liquid phase, the gas
a) Releases energy
b) Absorbs energy
c) Neither

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