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As a piece of metal with a hole in it cools, the diameter of the hole
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Stays the same

When a bimetallic bar made of copper and iron strips is heated, the bar bends toward the iron strip. The reason for this is…
a) Iron gets hotter before copper
b) Copper gets hotter before iron
c) Copper expands more than iron
d) Iron expands more than copper

Consider a sample of water at 0C. If the temperature is slightly increased, the volume of water…
a) Expands
b) Contracts
c) Remains the same

When water at 4C is heated it expands. When water at 4C is cooled, it
a) Contracts
b) Expands
c) Neither

The fact that desert sand is very hot in the day and very cold at night is evidence that sand has a
a) Low specific heat capacity
b) High specific heat capacity

a substance can absorb heat energy by the process of…
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) all of these

Metals are both good heat conductors and also good electrical conductors because of the…
a) Similarity between thermal and electrical conductive properities
b) Free electrons of outer electrons in metal
c) High densities of metals
d) High elasticity of metals

A good heat conductor is a…
a) Poor insulator
b) Good insulator
c) Neither

Energy transfer by convection is restricted to
a) Solids
b) Liquids
c) Gases
d) Fluids

The higher the temperature of an object, the
a) Longer the wavelengths it radiates
b) Shorter the wavelengths it radiates

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