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Reviews Basic 8th Grade Force And Motion Unit. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is a force?
a) A push
b) A pull
c) Both pushes and pulles
d) Being strong

Which of the following statements about matter is NOT true?
a) Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space
b) Everything in the universe is made up of matter
c) Matter is only found on Earth
d) Even air is made up of matter

What are the 3 states of matter?
a) Water, food, and sun
b) Earth, wind, and fire
c) Solid, liquid, and gas
d) Desk, juice, and air

What factor causes a change in state of matter?
a) Temperature
b) Size
c) Location
d) Color

What is density?
a) How much something weighs
b) The amount of matter in a given amount of space
c) Whether an object sinks or floats
d) How hot or cold it is

Which of the following objects is the least dense?
a) A hot air balloon
b) A brick
c) A golf ball
d) A ping pong ball

Which of the following statements about work is NOT true?
a) Work is done anytime something moves
b) The less mass an object has, the less work needs to be done to move it
c) Its harder to do work on a steeper surface
d) It takes the same amount of work to move all object, regardless of their mass

How is density calculated?
a) By adding mass and volume
b) By subtracting mass from volume
c) By multiplying mass and volume
d) By dividing mass by volume

In which situation would a ball travel the furthest after being rolled down a ramp?
a) When released from a height of 5 cm
b) When released from a height of 10 cm
c) When released from a height of 20 cm
d) When released from a height of 50 cm

What is the science tool we use to find the weight or mass of objects?
a) A triple beam balance
b) A microscope
c) A spring scale
d) A graduated cylinder

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