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13 + 17 =
a) 12
b) 30
c) 16
d) 52

30 - 17 =
a) 13
b) 55
c) 62
d) 10

a) 16
b) 30
c) 25
d) 75

25 + 25 =
a) 75
b) 50
c) 100
d) 20

16 + 16 =
a) 15
b) 30
c) 85
d) 32

32 - 16 =
a) 10
b) 48
c) 16

What does it me to EXPLAIN your answer?
a) Show your work
b) Write neatly
c) Tel how you got your answer
d) To use a dictionary

What are the four operations in math
a) Operation, Candyland, Connect Four, Trivial Pursuit
b) Libra, Scorpio, Pieces and Virgo
c) Bake, Cook, Fry and Grill
d) Addition, Subtraction, Mutiplication and Division

Do we use math everyday
a) Yes
b) No
c) Maybe
d) Sometimes

The letters MPH mean
a) most phenomial hair
b) my pretty hapy
c) miles per hour
d) many people have

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