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What three things did Arthur think he needed for a perfect Christmas?
a) lots of toys, a turkey dinner, meeting Santa
b) the perfect tree, a turkey dinner, snow
c) the perfect tree, lots of toys, snow
d) lots of toys, meeting Santa, snow

Why couldn't Francine go to Muffy's Christmas party?
a) She was celebrating Hanukkah with her family.
b) They were in the middle of a fight.
c) She had a birthday party to go to.
d) She didn't think Christmas was as important as Hanukkah.

What did Arthur buy his mother for Christmas?
a) an olive depitter
b) a tea set
c) a glass bird
d) a Veginator

Why is this Christmas different for Buster?
a) there is no snow
b) his father lost his job
c) his family moved
d) his parents got divorced

What holiday does the Brain celebrate with his family?
a) Kwanzaa
b) Christmas
c) Hanukkah
d) Eid

Which word best describes Uncle Fred?
a) bossy
b) old
c) clumsy
d) messy

What did Arthur's dad decide to make for Christmas dinner?
a) turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy
b) pancakes
c) roast lamb, flat bread, and chickpeas
d) baked ham, broccoli, and homemade bread

What did DW put on the Christmas tree?
a) candy canes and stars
b) popcorn and cranberry strings
c) glitter and tinsel
d) trolls and unicorns

What did DW receive for Christmas?
a) Quackers the Talking Duck
b) Tina the Talking Tabby
c) Gabby the Giant Giraffe
d) Squeaks the Little Mouse

What happened at the end of the book?
a) Francine threw a Hanukkah party
b) it snowed
c) it did not snow
d) everyone celebrated New Years together

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