8th Grade Social Studies - Chapter 9 Quiz Question Preview (ID: 48937)

3 Branches Of Government.

What name is given to the Supreme Court's power to declare a law unconstitutional?
a) federalism
b) judicial review
c) impeachment

Which of these describes the responsibility of the Judicial Branch?
a) to put laws into effect
b) to resolve conflicts under the law
c) to veto decisions of the Supreme Court

What is the purpose of the system of checks and balances?
a) to list the responsibilities of elected officials
b) to make it difficult to amend the Constitution
c) to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful

An amendment to the Constitution can be ratified by three-fourths of the
a) state legislatures.
b) citizens.
c) Senate.

Which of these can propose an amendment to the Constitution?
a) governors
b) presidents
c) Congress

Which word refers to the sharing of power between nation and state governments?
a) commerce
b) federalism
c) bicameral

One way the Executive Branch can check the Legislative Branch is to
a) nominate justices to the Supreme Court.
b) override a veto.
c) veto bills.

The U.S. population can directly participate in government in all of these ways except through
a) passing laws.
b) belonging to political parties.
c) participating in elections (voting).

The Legislative Branch can check the Judicial Branch by
a) overriding election results
b) approving appointments to the Supreme Court.
c) rejecting laws that are unconstitutional.

The Executive Branch can create treaties. The Judicial Branch balances power by
a) rejecting treaties that do not follow the Constitution.
b) removing the President from office.
c) blocking treaties it doesn't like.

All of these are duties of the Executive Branch except
a) nominating federal judges.
b) carrying out the laws.
c) proposing new taxes.

What is the final step befor a national bill becomes a law?
a) It is signed by the President.
b) It is voted on by the citizens.
c) It is passed by the Supreme Court.

What is the primary work of Congress?
a) to determine who will be the candidate for President
b) to be the chief executives of the state they represent
c) to make laws for this country

Why does each state have 2 senators?
a) to balance the rights of large and small states
b) so the Senate does not become too crowded
c) to assure there are enough people to pass laws

Why did the delegates start the Preamble to the Constitution with the words, WE, THE PEOPLE?
a) to provide an introduction that would interst readers
b) to state that government power comes from the people
c) to declare that the people were separating from Great Britain

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