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____________________ is a push or a pull.
a) Energy
b) Acceleration
c) Force
d) Momentum

Objects will stay at equilibrium until __________________ acts on it
a) Applied force
b) Gravitational Force
c) Unbalanced force
d) Balanced force

Inertia is related to what physical quantity
a) Mass
b) Volume
c) length
d) speed

What force causes a feather to fall slower than a brick?
a) Gravity
b) Tension Force
c) Air resistance
d) Friction

Gravity on earth is ___________________.
a) different for every object
b) is constant for all objects
c) 10 m/s 2
d) b and c

In order to increase the acceleration of an object we must
a) Have a lower net force
b) have a greater net force
c) have a greater applied force
d) Have a lower applied force

forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction are ____________________.
a) Balanced forces
b) Unbalanced forces
c) Applied forces
d) Friction forces

Which force causes objects to slow down when they move accross a surface.
a) Air resistance
b) Tension
c) Friction
d) Gravity

when a person pushes against a box, what is the reaction force
a) The box moves
b) The box pushes back against the person
c) the person moves backward
d) There is no reaction force

A ____________________ represents the size and quantity of forces acting on an object
a) free body diagram
b) Graph
c) Motion Map
d) Motion Diagram

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