Vocabulario 1 - Capítulo 7 De Vacaciones Question Preview (ID: 48910)

Practice The Vocabulary 1 Words.

el balneario
a) the beach
b) towel
c) sand
d) seaside (beach) resort

a) cloud
b) windy
c) cloudy
d) sunny

hace sol
a) it's sunny
b) it's hot
c) it's summer
d) it's windy

hace calor
a) the heatwave
b) it's sunny
c) it's cloudy
d) it's hot

hace buen tiempo
a) the weather is hot
b) it's a nice and pleasant day
c) good time
d) the weather is nice

a) it's cloudy
b) surfing
c) it's raining
d) to swim

la nube
a) to spend time
b) wave
c) the cloud
d) sun

el verano
a) summer
b) winter
c) autumn
d) fall

la playa
a) the beach
b) sand
c) to swim
d) ocean

la arena
a) wave
b) sand
c) sun
d) snorkeling

la ola
a) sun
b) cloud
c) wave
d) summer

la piscina, la alberca
a) the swimming pool
b) the sun
c) the beach
d) the water

la plancha ve vela
a) waterskiing
b) windsurfing
c) surfing
d) surfboard

la tabla hawaiana
a) surfing
b) surfboard
c) snorkeling
d) volleyball

a) to go snorkeling
b) to swim
c) to rent
d) to spend time

las gafas (anteojos) para el sol
a) bathing suit
b) sunglasses
c) suntan lotion
d) digital camara

a) yesterday
b) tonight
c) last night
d) yesterday afternoon

a) wind
b) sun
c) bathing suit
d) to rent

traje de baño
a) digital camara
b) towel
c) sunglasses
d) swimsuit

alquilar (rentar) un barquito
a) to buy a small boat
b) to rent a small boat
c) to rent a small boat and swim
d) to rent a boat at the beach

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