Earth, Moon, & Sun Question Preview (ID: 489)

Reviews Earth, Moon, And Sun Unit For NYSE 8th Grade Science Exams. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is our solar system?
a) Everything in the universe
b) The area closest to us in space
c) The sun and all the bodies that orbit it
d) Just our planet Earth

What is at the center of our solar system?
a) The earth
b) The sun
c) The moon
d) A black hole

What does lunar revolution mean?
a) That the moon goes in circles around the Earth
b) The moon stays side by side with Earth while it circles the sun
c) The moon is bigger than the Earth
d) The moons gravity causes the tides on Earth

How long does it take for the Earth to revolve around the sun?
a) 1 day
b) 1 week or 7 days
c) 1 month or about 31 days
d) 1 year or 365 days

What does rotation mean?
a) The same thing as revolution
b) The same thing as orbiting
c) When a planet spins on its axis
d) The DJ is playing a record

Why does the sun appear to rise and set each day?
a) Earth rotates
b) Earth revolves
c) Because its so far away
d) The moon blocks out its light

How can we see the moon at night
a) It shines its own light
b) It reflects electric lights from
c) It reflects leftover daylight from Earth
d) It reflects light from the sun

What causes the changing of the seasons?
a) The tilt of the axis that causes the different inclination of sun rays
b) The changing amount of light the sun emits
c) The tilt of Earth's axis changes how much light we get
d) The weather changes the most

What is mass?
a) How much something weighs
b) The amount of matter in an object
c) The amount of matter in an object and how much it weighs
d) None of the above

What is the relationship between mass and gravity?
a) Objects with more mass will have less gravity
b) Objects with less gravity will have more mass
c) Objects with more mass will have greater gravity
d) Mass and gravity are not related

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